These are the results that some people have had using our products.  With this knowledge, we can take control of our own personal health. However, we are required by law to state, "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."  The only thing that can cure is your own body and God.  When you give the body what it needs then the body can heal itself as God intended it to. While Young Living products may be remarkable for strengthening systems of the body, the FDA does not permit Young Living or its independent distributors to make claims concerning specific diseases. Neither Young Living nor its independent distributors condone any claims that may be made below. The use of any "no-no" words is purely coincidental, though the remarkable properties of essential oils can be easily found in third party research and literature. This is not intended as medical advice. Since the US Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of speech, the following testimonies have been gathered for the reader's convenience and enjoyment.
1. Thieves Oil
My daughter came down with a problem with her eye on a Wednesday night. I took her to the doctor Thursday afternoon and he prescribed some ointment to put in her eye. I was on my way to get the prescription filled and realized that I had lost her insurance card. So I just decided to try Thieves oil for the evening and if it wasn't any better the next day I would call the insurance company to see about getting the prescription filled.

I diffused the oil that evening twice for about 30 minutes each time, and then 3 times the next day. By late afternoon on Friday the condition was gone! I knew that Thieves could support the immune system, but I had no idea how effective it was. Anytime any of my 4 children come down with some illness (or are even exposed to one) I will start with the Thieves blend right away.
- Fawn Perry
2. Purification Oil
Up here in the Rocky Mountains we are prone to have wood ticks seek us out. Saturday night our son-in-law came in with one that had buried his head into his arm. Shauna grabbed a bottle of Purification and dropped the oil on the tick and you should have seen the little fellow's legs working to pull himself out. Think it only took about 5 seconds and the Tick was out of his arm. Then she put another drop on the area the wood tick had dug its hole. By the way the tick was dead within 1 minute after coming out. Don't leave home without your Purification!

Several years ago we wrote on wood ticks too.....
It's the deer hunting season in our area. Our son-in-law bagged a 3 point buck. Went over to check it this morning and it was covered with ticks. We put them in a bottle and put in 3 drops of Purification. They were all dead within one minute. That's what I suspected would happen, but as usual we had to see it.

Use your oils, not chemicals, pesticides or drugs.
- Richard Dastrup
3. PanAway Oil
When my mother-in-law introduced me to the oils, I wanted to see if it really would work. My husband had surgery and they fused his lower back together. For a year and a half, he was taking 6 bottles of pain killers for his back and sleeping pills to help him sleep through the pain. I asked my mother-in-law about what I should try on his back to ease some of the pain. She told me to try PanAway. So I did. After about two weeks of treatments directly on his lower back with heat he went completely off his pain killers. Then we slowly started to take him off the sleeping pills by lowering the dosage week by week and using Sandalwood oil to help him sleep. Now after 3 months he is off all of the meds and I only treat his back maybe once a week. 
- Julia Rogers
4. Thieves Oil and Purification Oil
Last fall I woke up with an abscessed tooth ..painful!!. It was very swollen and  red, so I went to the dentist to have it drained. He told me that it had to be extracted and made four attempts to freeze no avail. Sent me home with, you guessed it, a prescription for an antibiotic which I chose NOT to fill. Instead, I applied Thieves
along the gumline (every 2 hours)and Purification along the jawline (under the tooth - every 2 hours). Within 3 hours, the pain was gone and by the end of the next day all the swelling had subsided. Best of all... I still have the tooth and no further problem!
Aren't these oils "Heaven scent?".....!!!!
- Daphne
5. Thieves Oil
Have I got an oil story for you. I work as a kindergarten volunteer at the local school. This week our school has been hit particularly hard with a virus of some sort with the nurse sending home 15 to 20 students daily. One morning in kindergarten it seemed as if every child was coughing and hacking. So I went home and got my diffuser and filled it with Thieves and took it up to the classroom. I was mostly hoping to stop the spread of the germs but was really amazed that after about 20 minutes of running the
Thieves all coughing stopped. Not one child coughed at all the rest of the day. These kids were coughing so much before I turned on the Thieves that you couldn't get a word in to teach them anything. I continued to bring in the diffuser the rest of the week with the same results. We could still here the coughing in the two kindergarten rooms that are next to ours, but our room was cough free. Needless to say, the other two kindergarten teachers and the school nurse were very interested in the oils.
- Joan Luellen
6. Brain Power Oil and Joy Oil
I am using the Brain Power oil on my son who has been diagnosed with Autism.
I use it on him once per day, in the morning before he leaves for school. I apply a
few drops to his temples and have him inhale it from the bottle a couple of times.
Once in a while if he needs, I will use the same application routine on him after he
gets home from school around 4pm.

We have had good success with Joy oil when he is upset because of a change in
his "schedule". Many autistic children have a hard time coping with changes in
their routine. When a situation like this occurs, I get out the Joy, put a few
drops on his wrists, on the back of his neck and have him inhale it a couple of
times from the bottle. It works every time!

We have had such good results, that several of our friends and people we have
met through parent support groups are trying Brain Power for their children
with ADHD/Autism with good results too!
- Jennifer Goulet
7. RC Essential Oil Blend
My story starts about 1970 when I developed bronchitis which developed into chronic bronchitis over the years, but I did not know the problem was
bronchitis despite many doctors visits and trips to specialists and being tested
for foods that I was supposed to be allergic to which was almost everything
available to eat. In 1994 while working in California I had a slight heart
attack and the doctor discovered my bronchitis.

Since then I suffered with wheezing, clogged lungs, and using about 2
inhalers per month at a cost of about $200.00 per month .

This past year I was working in San Antonio when I nearly developed pneumonia, and was in really bad shape. That's when I met someone who after listening to me gave me a small amount of "RC" to try. The results were
amazing snd I immediately bought a bottle for myself. Since then I have not
used the inhalers, and am still using the original bottle of " RC ".  That's a savings so far of about $600.00 on inhalers and my lungs feel normal, not medicated.
- Grady Morris
8. Essential Oils
My name is Marsha Helene. I have been using the oils for about 2 years now! I love them. They have changed my life. The most significant
testimonial I have is that I have worn glasses for my entire life, until these oils. I now can see clearly, without any help. This is an amazing miracle.
9. Essential Oils and Sulfurzyme
I recently had a newcomer to the group. He and his wife are well over 65 and his wife has been in pain with her body all her life and has lots of stomach problems.

Well, he ordered some Essential Oils, Sulfurzyme and Wintergreen. His wife
immediately started taking 1/2 tsp of Sulfurzyme two times a day and he gives her massages with the peppermint and wintergreen.

He has called me twice today to thank me for helping his wife. He said this
is the first time in her life that she has been pain free. She started the
Sulfurzyme on Friday evening and within a day she started feeling better and
with the massages with the oils, she has no body pain. All I could hear in
the background was his wife saying "tell her how wonderful I feel".

I am in tears over how wonderful I feel knowing I can make someone so happy just from feeling better with the oils.
- Brenda S
10. Frankincense Oil
We have a friend who became depressed, did not feel like working, and
just could not figure out what was going on. People around him would tell him to just keep on like usual and everything will be alright. But it wasn't. The doctors did not know why but they believed he was not getting enough oxygen in his brain.

It got so bad that he quit his job and sat at home doing nothing. He had a wife and 5 little children so you know this was heartbreaking for her. She came to my sister for help and asked if there was an oil to help heal her husband.

My sister gave her Frankincense. The wife applied it on her husband's
temples and neck. The next morning he felt lke he could think better
Three days later he was mowing the yard. A week later he wanted his job back!

This happened in a church in Tennessee where everyone was praying for him.
Needless to say, the entire church uses and appreciates the oils!
Praise God for the oils!
- Orpha
11. Brain Power Oil
There is a man who was in a motorcycle accident, and quickly went into a coma. After a while, the Doctors determined he was not going to get better, and suggested to his sister that they "pull the plug" and take him off life support. She said no, and contacted a fellow distributor for suggestions. On her own, being a new distributor, she bought some BRAIN POWER, thinking it might work, and proceeded to use it on her brother's head twice a week when she was free to visit him. After two weeks, he came out of the coma. The Physical Therapist who evaluated him at that time predicted it would be 3 years before he would recover and walk. His sister continued to use the Brain Power twice a week on him, and he went on to Physical Therapy.

The Physical Therapists were amazed at his progress, and after two months,
(this week) he is walking out of the hospital! His sister has been given
referrals by all of the PT's at the clinic, and she is thinking of camping out in front of the hospital with bottles of Brain Power for all of the trauma cases that come in.
- Donald
12. Essential Oils and Nutritional products enhanced with Essential Oils
Thought I would add our newest conquest to the brain cancer scene. I have a patient: Jason, he was a 12 year old with a rare form of brain cancer when
his grandmother called me. They had said from the start that this form of
cancer is very quick and very deadly, NO ONE ever lasted, period and gave him about 4 more months. They did the radiation and chemo anyway. And all along grandmom was doing some alternative stuff.

After the workup I suggested MultiGreens and Frankincense along with the
immune builders Sulfurzyme and ImmuPower.

That has been 2 years ago now and still no sign of the cancer. The doctors
are amazed, but of course think it was something they did, which is strange
as the last treatment they did on him they said take him home and make him
comfortable this is all we can do.

The consistent thing she did was keep his head wet with Frankincense,
usually every hour or so, and gave him MultiGreens (instead of a "yucky" green drink which was hard to get him to drink).
- Doc Pam
13. RC Essential Oil Blend
I knew a postmaster who was about to go into disability retirement because she had such severe spurs on her feet. She had been to specialists and all kinds of doctors, and nothing helped. She walked so lopsided, it was sad to see. I gave her a bottle of RC and said, "You've tried everything else, now try this and see if it helps." She called me less than 2 weeks later, and was elated because one foot was noticeably better. After several more weeks, no pain in that one foot, and the other was tolerable. Now she has no pain whatsoever, and talk of retiring is gone!
- Julie
14. Essential Oils
Research was done adding Bergamot, Orange, and Lemon essential oils to a gel. This was a test others did for depression. 75% of people tested discontinued ALL anti-depressants after the second week.

15. Lemon Oil
I had a lady call me from Oregon, she had a class to teach and couldn't talk, I could hardly hear her over the phone. I asked her if she had lemon oil and she said yes. I told her to take the lid off and hold it to her nose while she was talking to me. As she talked, her voice got stronger and stronger until it was clear. She could not believe it. I also did the same thing for a lady that came up to me after teaching a class, in a whisper she asked me a few questions on what to do for laryngitis. While she was talking I just held the lemon oil with the lid off close to her. When her voice came back, she said what did you do? She had not noticed that I was holding the lemon oil. I showed her the bottle and she could not believe it either. 
- Nancy

16. Sulfurzyme
I have been using the Sulfurzyme for over a year now with great results. I was in an automobile accident and suffered neck and low back injuries. I used a cane anytime I was out of the house and sometimes when home as well. Some days were so bad that I used a walker. I have been brought to my knees in extreme pain and put in a wheel chair to get to the doctor. Since I have been on the Sulfurzyme I have not used even the cane except rarely. I believe the Sulfurzyme is doing the trick! I have much less pain, my nails are stronger and my hair is thick and full! I love this stuff!
- Pam
17. Essential Oils
I have a client who is 77 years young. She has been in poor health for many years, most specifically though, she has scoliosis and degenerative and herniated disks in her back causing extreme and constant pain. She was taking 9-12 Percocet per day to help manage the pain and in her words "when I had my 77th birthday, I sat in my chair all day considering suicide, this pain makes living life very difficult". Someone who took my workshop at a retreat emailed me and told me about her mother and asked if I could recommend some oils for her to try on her. I recommended Thieves, Believe and Peppermint (she said she just wanted to try 3 to see if they would work) and I told her how to apply them. The reaction was immediate and profound. Shirley was up and moving around, her pain level decreased to the point where she only had to take 2 pain pills (down from up to 12!) and best of all, her EMOTIONS were high and happy again! Her daughter called me, her son called me, her daughter-in-law called me - all telling me that whatever I was doing, it was making a huge difference in their mother's life. She is now putting oils on everyone who comes in her home and is so excited about her precious oils. She is also happily drinking her NingXia Red every day. We are working on one issue at a time with her and she is so open to the healing, because the effects of the oils are so profound. Her family says she is zipping around the house like she used to do years ago, they are just amazed. 
- Annette
18. Essential Oils - Helichrysm and Geranium
My daughter-in-law who is 3 months pregnant just called a short while ago with great news. Three weeks ago she started bleeding and the doctor found a blood clot between the placenta and the baby. That same week she had two more ultra-sounds and each showed the clot growing rapidly. The doctor told them to prepare for losing the baby. I ordered helichrysm and geranium for her and she got them last Monday and started using them with V-6 on her belly. Today the ultra-sound showed a healthy baby boy giving a peace sign and the blood clot was hardly there at all. The doctor was astounded!!!!!! Thank you Creator for this gift of oils......................I know we are all truly blessed!
- Sheila Hay
19. Ningxia Red
"I had terrible incontinence, had to wear adult diapers, even went on doctor prescribed drugs that didn't help and gave me side effects. One week after drinking only one ounce per day of the NingXia Red the problem is GONE!!" Due to nature of the problem, she wanted to remain anonymous.
- Debra Raybern
20. Nutritional supplements with essential oils
I was diagnosed with MS in 1999. A year ago, I got into a daily routine of taking Sulfurzyme, JuvaTone, MultiGreens, and Ningxia Red. Here is what I know: I feel better than I have in years and have regained energy that I thought was lost due to my disease. I have lost weight with little effort and rarely get sick. The number of 'episodes' with MS has dramatically decreased. Young Living oils and supplements help to give my body the support that it needs to maintain good health.
- Julie Price
21. Lavender Oil
I had allergies to all trees and grasses and my daughter who was 11 at the time was allergic to molds, cats saliva, grass, dust, etc., we used to go for allergy shots, then brought the shots home and tried Hisminal, Claritin, anything over-the-counter. I was so bad once I went on Predispose until the side effects were so bad I decided to try Lavender oil that I had been told about but didn't believe. Within two weeks of using 2 drops of lavender on the bottom of my feet and 2 drops applied to the forehead, temples and back of the neck I noticed dramatic results. I have not used over-the-counter medicine since or needed to. I can mow the lawn and have no trouble. If it's a really high pollen day, I use 1 drop of lavender on a Q-tip and swab my nostrils. Gotta love these oils.
- Jill Young
22. Frankincense Essential Oil
I had a personal experience with an 11 year old boy who had over 100 warts on his face. He would put his hand in front of his face when he talked to people and he told his mother that he felt like an "abnormal freak", She took him to the General Practitioner who gave him Cipro, which didn't work. She took him to the skin doctor who said that they would have to operate on him as the warts were too close to his eyes to burn off. I was in the process of using Frankincense to take off a wart on my arm and had a red kids band-aid over it. (why should kids have all the fun!) She asked me about it and told me about her son. I told her the Frankincense was working for me so she got a bottle. She put it on him when he woke up in the morning and was still lying in bed, and at night before he went to sleep. She first applied it neet, making sure that his face was dry so it didn't burn, and then applied baby oil. I would use V6 oil myself as baby oil has petroleum products in it. After two weeks of applying Frankincense all of the warts were gone! She said there wasn't any scaring except for a couple of places around his eyes. She told a family friend about it who was a doctor and he said "you better keep that stuff because warts are a virus and they will come back". That was five years ago and they haven't come back yet. She also told me that she had relayed this story to someone else whose child had warts and that person used Frankincense from the health food store and it didn't work. The use of pure unadulterated Essential Oils cannot be stressed enough. Another wonderful addition to this story is that the boys teacher called and said, "I am so glad you have him on medication because he is so much calmer and more focused in class" The medication was Frankincense! Oh yeah, my wart is gone too.
- Kathy Scott Perry
23. Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend
Paula works with teenagers with suicidal tendencies. She introduced one teen to Citrus Fresh who had high levels of anxiety. The teen had a remarkable improvement by diffusing Citrus Fresh and was able to get off of his anti-depressants. The components of Citrus Fresh - The Limonene eradicates anxiety. Orange elevates the mind, Tangerine is sedating and calming. Good for irritability. Mandarin is hypnotic, combats insomnia, stress and irritability. Spearmint supports the nervous system, brings balance to our mind and spirit.

24. Harmony Essential Oil Blend
Jerry relayed a story of a woman he was working with who was under extreme stress and attempting to take it out on all the fellow workers with yelling and incessant phone calls. He went to her and stuck a bottle of Harmony under her nose. Within a few seconds she was relaxed, calm and no longer having a fit. She was still relaxed from that one smell two days later.
25. Juva Flex Essential Oil Blend
I was diagnosed with hepato-pulmonary syndrome. I was on oxygen 24/7! (My lungs were being affected because of cirrhosis of my liver) I spoke with the only known specialist worldwide for this condition at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He told me I would be on oxygen for the rest of my life. I started cleansing my liver and putting JuvaFlex oil directly on my liver and my liver foot reflexology point. Within two weeks I was off the oxygen! This was Jan. '05 and I am still great! I don't use the oil every day anymore but I still use it for back-up...just in case. The oils work sooo well. I thank The Lord and Gary Young for this wonderful oil and Young Living!!
- Julie Banks
26. Helichrysum Essential Oil
I am a massage therapist of 10 years, a certified nurses assistant, and a registered nursing student. Years ago, I had heard about Young Living Essential Oils, but never fully understood why they cost so much more than the so called 'essential oils' in the health food stores, so I never gave using them much thought. I didn't realize every oil from Young Living was therapeutic grade, meaning, so friggin pure you can eat it. Medicine as opposed to perfume, would be another way to explain it. One day, 3 years ago, I was working on a client's back when I noticed a huge cyst on her spine. She informed me her doctor wanted to operate to remove it, but she didn't want surgery so close to her spine. She said she had an oil from Young Living she wanted me to put on it. She handed it to me and I opened the cap. The whole room filled with the sweet earthy smell of a plant called 'helichrysum'. I was in heaven. I applied a few drops to the cyst and rubbed it in. As I encircled the affected area, which was 1 inch in diameter, I felt the area soften immediately. I had the strongest urge to push on it gently. I did so, and the area drained about 5cc's of discharge. My client applied the helichrysum once daily for 3 days. The area dried up, scabbed over, and healed without a scar. So much for having surgery. Right then I made up my mind - I was getting into these oils!
- Tamara Suhm
32. Helichrysum Essential Oil
My mother-in-law had already had her knees replaced surgically years before I met her. She told me last summer about the horrible pain she was suffering in her knees, and that she had already been to her doctor. They told her that they didn't want to operate again explaining that not only did they feel that they couldn't fix the problem, but that the surgery could make the problem worse! I applied a few drops of Helichrysum to her knees and she had instant relief. Needless to say that Helichrysum quickly became her favorite oil.
- Denise Eddy
33. Helichrysum, Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils
My mother will be 90 this year and has advanced dementia. She fell and got a nasty bruise at the base of her spine. I went to the desk reference to see what oils to try and was directed to Helichrysum to help bruising, lavender for skin, and peppermint for pain. I had the care giver alternate these oils every 2 hours. The healing of the bruise was remarkable, but unexpectedly my mother became very happy and started to be able to carry on a coherent conversation -something she had not done in a long, long time. Puzzled, I went back to the desk reference to try to understand what was happening. I cross referenced and found that Helichrysum stimulates the neurotransmitters of the brain and is uplifting to the subconscious. In addition, the oils were applied at the base of the spine which probably had more of an effect on the brain. Even more amazing - she had been taking long naps - sleeping much of her days away. She started reading. I now check out large print books from the library for her and she has finished 5 books! This showed me that we may use the oils to achieve one result and other wonderful side results can occur. Until you try them, you don't know what amazing things can happen.
- Bonnie Andresen
34. Essential Oils
OK tried, tested and true!!!

I woke up this morning with an awful pain in my lower right back. (its an old
injury area) I don't recall doing anything that triggered this. I was planning on going to take a class at the gym just 45 minutes after waking up.

I could not bend forward AT ALL.
I could not turn to my left or right AT ALL.
It hurt me to breathe in.

I have no interest in having this back pain ever ever again. The pain was right on the edge of it being really close to how it felt with my last injury several years ago. I drank my Ningxia Red juice, I took Alkalime in water and my OmegaGize and Longevity capsule and went right for my oils. I must have  lathered 15 different oils on continually for 15 minutes. They helped for sure but the pain was still there. I thought what did Gary teach us to do for pain?

Ahhhhhhhh YES! He just showed us the results of using 4 different oils for
200 post surgery patients. He revealed to us that 200 people out of 200 had
100% pain control with using these 4 oils right after surgery. I thought OK
this has got to work because I am just not into this kind of pain and I AM
going to the gym!

I found the recipe in my notes from convention.. .
20 drops of Valerian
10 drops of Helichrysum
3 drops of Clove
3 drops of Peppermint.

As I am pouring the oils into my capsules I am thinking God this is an
expensive formula and that only lasted about 10 seconds before I thought No!
Expensive is being out of work as a massage therapist and not being able to work for weeks let alone not being able to move and walk normally. If this worked for 200 people it just has to work for me!

I am telling the complete truth here now.. Within 10 minutes of taking the
capsules I was out of the severe pain. I thought, go lay on ice, go put more
oils on.. No, I chose to see what this pain formula would do.

Within 20 minutes (I swear) I bent over and put my shoes on and was out the
door to the gym.

All the way to the gym I thought I am going to try this and just be really cautious
and go slow. Within 1/2 hour I was 95% free of pain and was working out with
10 LB weights and twisting, lunging, doing core strength work pain free!

201!!!! Count me in Gary!! It worked and I only did one dose of this
treatment all day and I am still out of pain tonight!!!!! Thank God!!

I don't call this a miracle anymore. All the compounds and properties are
there in nature.

For the last 10 years since I started using the oils for myself and my
bodywork clients I have seen consistent phenomenal changes and results both
physically and emotionally.

Just to let you know I used 20 different brands of essential oils for 14
years with my bodywork clients before I ever heard of Young Living oils and
NEVER EVER saw one result. I used them because I felt drawn to oils and because they smelled good.

The reason why our oils are so effective is because of a man named Gary Young
and his knowledge, tenacity and years of study and research around the world.
Not only that but he is a master agriculturist, farmer and distiller which is why
our oils work!

I just LOVE having yet another personal testimonial!

If you are in any sort of pain

In a size "00" vegicap
(you will need 2 empty capsules for this)

20 drops of Valerian
10 drops of Helichrysum
3 drops of Clove
3 drops of Peppermint


Tried, Tested and True!!!
Julie Chertow
35. Essential Oils
Even though I have only been a Young Living distributor for three months now the difference these products have made to the people I have introduced them to has been nothing less than incredible.

Ningxia Red was the first thing that my family experimented with. My 81 year old mother was delighted when it came time for her regular check-up with the doctor when her blood sugar level had dropped from 11.5 to 5 as well as her cholesterol and blood pressure both being perfect.

My daughters experience with Ningxia Red was a relief to the whole family as she changed from a typical hormonal teenager with severe mood swings to a happy, outgoing, energetic and enjoyable person to live with. She is delighted herself as well with the results and also loves how her face has cleared of pimples.

Learning about the oils came next and still leaves me shaking my head in disbelief at the almost miraculous results I have seen with these.

My Young Living oils more than paid for themself in the first week after I became a distributor when I learned the value of Lavender. I have an old milking goat that I dried off (stopped milking) two years ago as she always had a bad mastitis infection that couldn't ever be cleared up by the vets. To my shock one afternoon when I fed her, she had a gaping hole in her udder the size of a 10 cent piece with puss oozing out everywhere. I rang the vets for them to come but they said I would have to take her into them as she would require an operation to save her life. There was no way I could get her there and decided I would have to do what I could myself. After squeezing out the puss I dropped Lavender oil inside the hole and outside and hoped for a miracle but still feared for the worse. I was too scared to check in the morning and sent my son down who ran back to tell me that the hole had actually closed and she seemed normal.

Encouraged, I rubbed Lavender on the wound and around the whole udder twice a day for 2 days and she has healed beautifully with not a sign of infection or ill health.

I have had two boys with A.D.D. that have responded so well to Vetiver used together with Peace and Calming that the parents have said "they are just like different children" and I am sure there will be evidence of this when they return to school as they now have the ability to sit and concentrate.

A neighbor who has literally spent thousands of dollars with specialists over the years for severe migraines and all of their side effects has symptoms disappear within 10 minutes of putting Valor on her feet and also rubbed into her sore neck muscles.

A man with Parkinson's disease was amazed to find that using Valor on his feet and Peace and Calming on his heart and Peppermint rubbed down his neck stopped the shaking of his hands and leg in the half hour before he was due to take his next lot of medication. He even postponed taking his tablets for another half hour and still did not shake.

My brother has had very sore muscles in his arms when raised above his head for a long time and couldn't stop from grinning from relief when after 1/2 hour of applying Aroma Siez he could actually hold them up and shake them around with no pain at all.

My husband (who is now constantly using my bag of oils) banged his ankle badly on a tow-ball of a trailer and came in to show me a really nasty bruise and asked if I had anything for it. I applied 1 drop of helichrysum and 2 drops of lavender and then we watched a movie. About 1.5 hours later I remembered his bruise and asked him to look at how it was doing. To both our amazement he couldn't find it. It had completely disappeared.

I could go on and on with my experiences with the oils but anyone can learn what I have through using the "Essential Oils Desk Reference" book as a guide and I am sure they will end up like me and never get to put their oils away.
- Donna, Nowra (NSW)

PS   I forgot to mention that rubbing 1 drop of Helichrysum on the
outside of the ear canal and rotating the lobe 10 times REALLY
does work for people with hearing problems. (But remember to
NEVER put oils into actual ear.)
31. Core Products
I started on the new "Core" products three weeks ago. Specifically, OmegaGize, the new Longevity and Balance Complete. The only thing different I have done with my diet in these last three weeks is take these products once a day, that's it. I take all three in the morning, Balance Complete replaces my breakfast. I take it with Rice Milk. I also take NingXia Red every morning. Specifically, I take 3 oz. of NingXia Red mixed with 1.05 Qt. water. On Sept 11th, 2006 my doctor "Clocked" my blood pressure in at 151/105 and that was on 160 mg. of Diovan. While  taking our new products, I stopped taking the Diovan because I actually felt better NOT being on it. On Oct. 8th without any "Medicine" in my system for three weeks and having only changed my diet with the new products, my doctor "Clocked" me in at 135/90 and BOY was he shocked! :-)

He wanted to know exactly what I had done and so I showed him the empty bottles of all three products. He was still in shock. He then took me off of blood pressure medication and said "Just keep doing whatever it is you're doing" Life is GOOD! and so are Young Livings Products!
- Dave Crimmen
30. Palo Santo essential oil
Having had the wonderful opportunity to go to New York to hear Gary in April I was lucky enough to come home with the magical Palo Santo oil. I bought it because Gary mentioned it was good for bone regeneration. I had broken my wrist in 2001 and it did not heal right. I subsequently developed RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy). And the rest of the story follows:

In July I had an appointment with my primary care physician. She handed me a print out of my bone density scan, which showed the baseline from 2004, and the June 2006 results. The scan was taken three months after I started Palo Santo. My doctor told me how very impressed she was with the 2.5% improvement in my spine and the 3.3% improvement in my left femur. She then said, "The medication must be working". I said, "No." I then reminded her she prescribed the medication 4 months ago and I maybe took 8 doses but then stopped. Since the dose was once a week I frequently forgot to take it. I stopped taking it because I reacted with intestinal pain, bloating, gas, constipation and sometimes diarrhea. (This was the second attempt to pharmaceutically treat my osteoporosis - I stopped the first medicine because of the same stomach symptoms.)

Then she asked what had I done to make these changes. I told her I'd been putting Palo Santo on my back and pelvic region as well as on the wrist I broke 5 years ago. I found when I applied Palo Santo to my wrist it felt as if the bones were finally healing. It felt magical. The doctor was amazed. With the feelings I had in my wrist I had the great idea to apply the oil to my back and pelvis to help a break I had in 1965. I applied the oil by tipping the bottle onto my fingertip and rubbing it in on my wrist, spine, and pelvis. For the pelvis I applied the oil on the front and back of my body. When my oiling finger felt dry I tipped and applied again. I DID THIS EVERY MORNING BEFORE I GOT DRESSED and THESE ARE THE AMAZING RESULTS and I just finished my first bottle of Palo Santo on September 22,2006. Our OILS rock!!!!! Debbie Hurley

Comment by Jacqui Close:
So folks, she started applying just the tiniest amount of Palo Santo oil in April and that little 5 ml bottle lasted her till September, 5 months, and she had a 2.5% improvement in her spine and a 3.3% improvement in her left femur. Is that FANTASTIC! or what? A 5 ml bottle of Palo Santo cost $24.75, wholesale. How much do you think the pharmaceuticals would have cost for that same period? She spent $4.95 a month for Palo Santo. Do you think that was a good deal? I sure do. And to top it off, she had no negative side effects.
29. Peace and Calming and Peppermint essential oils
A young man and 2 of his friends used Peace & Calming essential oil
blend to help them to stop smoking and chewing tobacco. They applied it over the liver and smelled it when they felt the urge. Also another
gentleman used 1 drop of peppermint on the tongue and when he lit his
next cigarette that was his last one.
- Nancy Sanderson
28. Essential oils
I am new to Young Living and after receiving my first order about a month and a half ago, I put on Valor followed by Harmony and almost immediately had no desire to smoke. I even tried to keep smoking and not only did the cigarettes taste horrible, but the mental and emotional disparity between poisoning myself with cigarettes and these beautiful healthful essential oils was so striking I had to stop. I've quit more times than I can count and this was probably the first time I was able to stop cold turkey with almost no emotional and physical withdrawal. I went through a bottle of Harmony in the first 10 days and lots of Valor, Grounding and some White Angelica. A drop of Thieves under the tongue helps a lot and has worked even in people who have smoked for many years.
- Diane
27. Rehemogen and Multigreens
I do know that Rehemogen is great to build blood cells. As a friend of mine's granddaughter had to have blood transfusions all the time because of viruses in the spleen which pretended to be a platelet
and it would eat the platelets up causing all her organs to bleed which caused her to almost bleed to death. This is why she had to have blood transfusions, to replace the platelets. When she started with
MultiGreens and Rehemogen she no longer had to have blood transfusions. They told her she could never have children and she has two babies now.
- Nancy Sanderson
36. Ningxia Red
My physician said that the Ningxia Red was very good to take for its antioxidant effect to lessen inflammation. My rheumatoid factor went from over 692 to less than 20 in less than a month.
- Jeannie
37. Ningxia Red and Supplements with essential oils
I had several discs that were crushed, smashed and dried out after many
years of living with scoliosis. About 4 years ago, I started the following
protocol and followed it daily: 6 BLM capsules spread across am, noon, night; 6 Sulfurzyme am, noon, night, 4 ounces Ningxia Red a day, 6 MultiGreens split am, noon, night, 4 Master Hers (2 in am, 2 at noon), 1 Super C, 1 Super B, 2 Super Cal, 1 Longevity and I am now adding 3 OmegaGize daily.

I used Valor down my spine every night before bed and on the soles of my feet am and pm, plus other oils like Idaho Balsam Fir and whatever else I felt like. Occasionally, I would use Regenolone cream and/or Ortho Sport or Ortho Ease. I had 2 car accidents last year and had MRI's done. My MD was absolutely astonished to see that the discs in my back that were crushed and dried up 3 years ago are now, in his words "healthy, round and juicy, like they should be". He could not believe that my discs have returned to health and normalcy over 2 and a half year's time. I totally attribute these changes to my commitment to the above routine. I have recently started pilates and regular walking (including walking backwards) in the past year, but made no other significant health changes besides the above oils and supplements.

I had a MRI done just before I started the above routine, which provided a great comparison! I can feel the difference in that I am moving much more fluidly and my back doesn't hurt as much and I am not nearly as stiff as I used to be. It is truly incredible what these Young Living products can do. It was a big investment in terms of really sticking with the regime and making it a top priority and I am so glad I did. My doctor said he had never in his career seen discs get better like mine did, especially after 2 car accidents. The BLM and Sulfurzyme plus the NingXia Red work miracles.
- Rachel
38. Thieves
My very professional singer, performer friend lost her voice. With six weeks of engagements she was desperate so we tried all of the THIEVES PRODUCTS..I MEAN ALL of the THIEVES PRODUCTS... Bar Soap, Lozenges, Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Oils Blend, Spray, and Household Cleaner. Now I would add NingXia Red...She is a very happy camper and on her way to being a SILVER. She added SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER and everything else we have....her husband also a performer, EMMY AWARD WINNERS many times, is using our products plus her other son who's life we saved using Young Living Essential Oil's and his new fiance are on their way to being SILVERS. Am also a singer, so we need to do special things for ourselves. Her son a Chiropractor who hated the oils asked if he could check her, she responded with a 'WHY". He replied with "Well mom you haven't been sick once in 2 years and I want to know why." MIND YOU SHE WAS AN ALLEDGED HEALTH NUT ALREADY but got ill regularly. It worked for her and me....and others....still have my tonsils..and all my female organs

Thank you Young Living Essential Oils
39. Purification essential oil
A few days ago, one of the guys in my department at work was sent home because he had a spider bite that was getting bigger and bigger. He had just returned from an overseas trip and his doctor told him it
looked like a brown recluse spider bite.

When I heard about it, I sent him an email to come and see me if he wanted to try some Purification essential oil which I had. He came over, I gave him a small bottle and off he went.

Two days later, he came in AMAZED and his doctor was amazed as well. The big gaping DEEP hole had completely closed and the redness and swelling had gone down tremendously. This was after TWO days. Up to that time, the wound kept getting redder and deeper.

How lucky we are to have these wonderful oils!
- Terry Todd
40. Essential oils
I had a squamous cell carcinoma on my right thigh. Sun damage? Come on! That is what the dermatologist told me too. He said I would have to have it cut out or I would be dead in a year. That was almost five years ago. Frankincense and Helichrysum is what I used and it was gone in a matter of days. ---- Today, I would replace the Helichrysum with Tsuga or Idaho Balsam Fir or Palo Santo or even Lemongrass and Lavender. Frankincense would still be my first choice.
- BJ
41. Frankincense and Cedarwood essential oils
The Parkinson's protocol that Gary has used on a distributors father who was in a wheelchair: Frankincense and Cedarwood. Even when he just smelled this blend, he felt better. Gary worked on him (this is in Austria) and the patient "fell asleep" and when he awoke he ran to his chair without his cane. After second session he is back to an active life - no more cane or chair!
42. Ningxia Red and Essential oils
Here is an update on my earlier diabetic testimony. Many of you know that I started taking a nutritional drink called Ningxia Red and pure therapeutic essential oils from a company called Young Living in August, 2006.

It has been six months since I first began drinking 3-4 ounces Ningxia Red daily and five months since I started using Young Living Essential Oils to lower my blood sugar. I was diagnosed with diabetes 8 years earlier with a fasting blood sugar over 500 mg/dl and told that there was no cure for diabetes and that I would be on medication for life. Six months ago a doctor told me that I needed to take insulin to lower my reading of 225+ with medications and start blood pressure medications.

This past week, my average blood sugar was in the 120's mg/dl. I even had a fasting blood sugar reading (before eating a meal in the morning) of 91!!! But one day this week before dinner, I had a reading of 85 mg/dl!!! I have NEVER seen a glucose reading that low since I started testing my blood and I have taken NO medications since September 4, 2006!!! ZERO! NONE! No drugs period!

I have been taking several oils internally these last few months, but a week ago, I started using the diabetic blend in the Essential Oils Desk Reference of equal amounts of Thieves, coriander, fennel and dill; massaging this blend on my pancreas and Vita Flex points on my feet 2 times daily. All neuropathy pain is gone from my hands and feet. All candida and acidic symptoms in my body are gone. I continue to walk 3-4 miles daily and my weight is going down. I feel great! I was going to wait until I could announce that I am totally cured of diabetes, but I just had to share this great news with you now.

The medical profession would say that I am a medical phenomenon.

Some would say that it is a miracle!

I say "Thank You Lord for Gary Young and Young Living's products that You gave me to answer my prayers for healing and saving my life!"
- Karen Hopkins, B.S., Specializing in Nutrition and Essential Oils
43. Thieves Cleaner
David Mate submitted the following tip:
"Thieves® Household Cleaner is a great product, and I don't know why it's not the only household cleaning product sold on this planet! I was getting ready to put my house on the market and needed to clean my furnace from rust and calcium build-up due to my AC unit. I didn't have any type of rust-removing product and saw the bottle of Thieves. The results were remarkable. Not only did it remove the rust and calcium, it did so with little effort! It even worked on removing the rust from the concrete basement floor. I am pleased beyond words with this product and am finding more and more ways to use it! I love the fragrance and the fact that it's natural so I'm not inhaling toxic chemicals. Thanks for great products that make life better and healthier to live!"
44. Essential oils
Dr. Terry Friedman helped a woman get rid of a three year long
staphylococcus rash with Melrose and Lavender essential oils.
- Debra
45. Geranium and Bergamot essential oils
A couple weeks ago I posted a question asking for personal
experiences of people who work nights and need to sleep during the
day. Well, having received a couple suggestions, I trusted my
intuition and gave my friend my diffuser and a bottle of GERANIUM and a bottle of BERGAMOT. We put equal parts of both oils in the diffuser and set the timer to diffuse every hour for 15 minutes while she was in bed. Well, the good news is: she slept 8 hours the first day, 4 hours the second day and 8 hours the third day. Needless to say, she was overJOYed! She told me yesterday that her husband had to wake her up because she'd been sleeping for NINE HOURS. She's a BELIEVEr now!!! She's also well-rested and prepared for another night on her job. Thank God for these oils!!
- Elaine
46. Essential oils
Pain Relief
Gary  Young has had 100% pain control after surgery with this blend
Blend: Valarian 20 drops
Vetiver 20 drops
Helichrysm 10 drops
Peppermint 3 drops
in 1/2 oz water

Mix in the order the oils are listed. Great for bone, joint discomfort & tissue regeneration.
8 drops Spurce
8 drops Sandalwood
7 drops Fir
5 drops Hyssop
4 drops Lemongrass
5 drops Helichrysum
4 drops Wintergreen
2 drops German (blue) Chamomile
1 drop Blue Tansy
1 oz of V-6 mixing oil
47. PanAway essential oil blend
I discovered Young Living Oils during two years of therapy for a back injury. I sought every option to ease the pain that stemmed from a soft tissue injury in my lower back and hip. I had fallen on the ice one winter and twisted my hip and shoulder as I fell. Physical Therapy did not help, nothing seemed to help. Massage was a short term relief but the pain always returned rather quickly after the massage.

I was surfing the net one day and saw some testimonials on essential oils. It happened to be a Young Living site. I ordered the Essential 7 kit because I was told that soft tissue injuries responded best to PanAway and it was in the kit. I remember how shocked I was when the pain absolutely went away! It worked immediately on the pain in my hip! The next day I rubbed PanAway on my hip again and the pain was gone! I still have a tinge once in a great while when the weather is humid, the PanAway still works every time.
- Terri Allen
48. Frankincense and Peppermint essential oils
I have suffered severe breast pain for 10 to 12 days before my period every month. My doctor wanted to give me a new pain pill, but I would rather suffer than take drugs. Then I read about Frankincense and Peppermint. I mixed two or three drops together and applied on each breast. The pain was gone almost immediately. No more suffering. It felt like a miracle.
- Lee Marquis
49. Peppermint essential oil
Last week I experienced stomach pain that consisted of terrible cramps. In the past I read about peppermint assisting with stomach discomfort. I rubbed some on my stomach and within minutes my stomach pain was gone! Wow! I have never had such instant relief with any over the counter drugs or prescribed medication.
- Toni Dimas
50. Eucalyptus and Rose essential oils
I was hardly a believer in aromatherapy oils having therapeutic and healing properties until now. Just two months ago, I was desperate for a solution to my worsening case of eczema when a friend of mine introduced eucalyptus and rose oils to me. Now, most of my eczema's cleared up and the condition of my skin, although still not perfect, isn't dry and itchy like it has been for so many years!

I want eczema sufferers out there to know there indeed is a better cure to eczema other than corticosteriods, which merely suppress the condition. This supression often causes a recurrent breakout to be far worse than the previous. Furthermore, excessive use of such creams thins the skin and increases the risk of infection.
- Huiling Eu
51. Purification essential oil blend
I have been telling this testimony for a few years, because I was overwhelmed with the results. One morning in a rush to work, my wife on the way to her car, came in contact with a wasp defending his territory. The result was a nasty sting just under her eye. She ran into the house screaming and crying in pain. I ran and got my Purification Oil blend from my case and applied it to the sting. Within minutes the pain subsided, she left for work. Later that day she returned and I asked "How is your eye where the wasp stung you?" Her reply: "Wow! I forgot all about it, look it's gone, and my eye didn't swell or turn black and blue and I had no pain all day either!"

I was and still am amazed! I have since used Purification for many things that have come up. Here is the short list: kills mold, kills mildew, purifies the air in a room and in the car, it wards off mosquitoes and pesky bugs while working or playing outside. It also makes a wonderful natural insect repellent.
- Frank Seeley
52. Peppermint essential oil
When I first became involved with Young Living Essential Oils about 6 years ago, I had been suffering for over 30 years with heartburn and bloating. I began using a drop of Young Living Peppermint oil in the water that I drank and after every time I ate I would also place a drop of it on my upper belly (right where the burning was). I found it really supported my digestive process. After about two months, I noticed that the burning was mostly gone, as well as that bloated feeling I would get after eating. I continue to use the peppermint oil in all the water that I drink and no longer experience discomfort. Hip Hip Hooray for Young Living and these wonderful oils!!
- Myrna Pilon
53. Wintergreen essential oil
When I had my wisdom teeth removed years ago, an infection developed and I had to have gum surgery to take care of the problem. This area has continued to flare up now and then. The last time it began to swell, I put a drop of Wintergreen directly on my gum (despite the suggestion to use it topically on the bottle). The infection was gone in two days. Even better, since I have been using oils in my drinking water, I have never gotten another irritation or problem with my gums. Thank you essential oils!
- Liza Delin
54. Lavender essential oil
Before we really got involved with Young Living Essential Oils, we had some cheaper oils that we purchased from a local Health Food Store. One day, after spending too much time out in the sun, I came home with a horrible sunburn. Knowing that lavender is good for burns, I asked my husband to rub some on my back. This was a huge mistake, as my body had a bad reaction to this particular 'cheap' oil.

This summer I received another bad sunburn while being at the water park. We again applied Lavender, but this time used Young Living's because they are therapeutic-grade. Not only was there no allergic reaction, but it actually comforted my burn. This will forever serve as a reminder to our family that not all oils are equal!
- Sara Draughton
55. Idaho Balsam Fir and PanAway essential oils
My friend has had strong sciatic pain in her right hip and leg for 14 years. She used Idaho Balsam Fir and PanAway on the pain site and down the leg, and has been pain-free to fall asleep each night.
- Miriam Saxton
56. Peppermint essential oil
My sister-in-law had numbness in her fingers and wrists that kept her awake at night. She applied peppermint oil and found that it gave her some relief. She reapplied the oil every time the feeling returned, using it 6 or 8 times a day at first, then less frequently as the effect lasted longer, until, eventually, she was using it only once before bedtime. She now only uses it occasionally and has no more numbness.
- Nancy Ziganti
57. Harmony essential oil blend
My son-in-law has suffered for a very long time from post nasal drip for which he has tried medications and surgery. We tried various oils with some success but he was always coughing and clearing his throat. I finally suggested my daugher diffuse Harmony when they went to bed at night thinking it might be some allergic reaction and the oil would work in his system all night. The day after they first used it, he called me at supper time to tell me that one of his co-workers mentioned that he wasn't coughing. He was skeptical, but promised me he would continue to use it and keep me posted. That was 3 weeks ago and they diffuse it every night and he has no more cough from post nasal drip.
- Nancy Ziganti
58. Raindrop Technique
Earlier this year, it was discovered through an MRI that my mother, who is 85, had 2 cysts in her spinal column. One doctor wanted to operate right away, and another said 'no way', so they decided to do nothing for 6 weeks. At the end of 6 weeks she was to have another MRI which would show whether the cysts had grown.

In the mean time, my sister and I gave our mother Raindrop Technique once a week for the next 6 weeks. Neither of us has had any formal training, but we used the Higley Reference Guide (2001 edition), and just followed each step. At about the 3rd treatment, the skin on either side of her spine at the location of where the cysts were located, turned very red and we could see tiny little blood specs just under the surface of the skin. On the 4th treatment we could see a strip of redness about an inch wide on either side of her spine all the way from her neck to the base of her spine. We would ask her through these sessions how she was feeling, and she always enjoyed them - never felt any discomfort at all. In fact, she always had more energy after each session - even to the point of weeding and hoeing in the garden again!

Needless to say, the 2nd MRI revealed that not only were the cysts gone, there was no sign that they had ever even been there! The doctors were amazed! And my mother, who is the biggest skeptic in the world, is now a believer in the effectiveness of essential oils.
- Terry Honeyman
59. Peppermint and Purification essential oils
My tenant had a serious wasp and hornet infestation in the ceiling of her enclosed porch. I took an 8 oz. spray bottle full of water, added 25-30 drops each of Purification and Peppermint therapeutic grade essential oils and sprayed the walls and ceiling. The wasps and hornets refused to land to enter their hives. Two weeks later we noticed a few going in the holes so I sprayed again. It has been about a month since the last spray and NO wasps or hornets! Cha Ching!
- Nicole Hutnik
60. Essential oils
This summer my 13yr old grandson asked me what he could use against mosquitoes and ticks while away at Scout Camp in North Carolina. Into a 16 oz bottle of V-6 that was half full we put about 20 drops each of Euclayptus Globulus, Peppermint and Lemon Oil. We mixed it pretty strong because I was sure he would be sweating some of it off.

Not only did he not have any mosquitoes or ticks, he came home happy and energetic because his pollen, leaf mold and assorted other allergies did not bother him at all. Plus, he said his fellow Scouts wanted to use his oil because his smelled better and worked better than the commercial repellents they had brought along. Gram is very grateful that Young Living Essential Oils protected him so well and he was not exposed to chemicals or over-the-counter antihistamines!
- Mir-Yam Shifra
61. Essential oils
Migraines are hereditary in my family and my daughter who is herself a parent has suffered with migraines since age 6. She gets the 'need to go into a total darkness and no sounds' place which is accompanied by sporadic vomiting. Even though I have suggested the oils to her in the past, she is always very reluctant to try anything 'new'. Much to my surprise, after she saw good oil results with her own son and nephew, she did try some oils.

We spoke one evening and she mentioned that she had a weird sort of headache starting and some nausea so she put a couple of drops of Eucalyptus Globulus, Peppermint and Lemon oil in her A/C filter. Within a few minutes she was completely relaxed and fell sound asleep. It had been years since she slept so soundly and it surprised her in the morning when she awoke with no headache and feeling refreshed.

Re-applying the oils every few days onto the filter has kept her sleeping well and neither she nor her son have allergy problems in the house anymore.
- Mir-Yam Shifra
62. Ningxia Red
My sister was visiting from Florida. She has severely diminished lung capacity from chronic obsructive lung disease (COPD) due to years of smoking. When she arrived she could hardly talk because she was having so much difficulty getting oxygen. She was staying with my sister. I instructed my sister to give her 3 ounces of Ningxia Red and call me in half an hour. I am a registered nurse and saw this situation as potentially life threatening. My sister called me in half an hour and informed me my sister was breathing normally with no difficulty. We continued giving her 3 ounces the next day. She was not only having no difficulty getting oxygen after recieving the Ningxia Red but was able to go to central city which is even higher in altitude, without being on oxygen.

My husband is an avid mountaineer and exercises daily. After starting on the Ningxia Red he said he noticed his body utilizing oxygen more efficiently. He could climb with more strength without getting out of breath. I knew this product was good but these two experiences documented it for me.
- Sheila Trujillo
63. Peppermint essntial oil
I have to add my two cents about Hiccups. I hardly ever get them, but when I do I only have to smell peppermint and they are gone. My daughter and I have both let strangers smell our peppermint to relieve their hiccups, and they stop almost immediately. They are truly impressed! Recently, my husband had hiccups and I told him about the peppermint, he didn't quite believe it would work, but he smelled it and stopped hiccuping just like that.
- Amanda Snader
64. Frankincense essential oil
A dear friend of mine was caring for an elderly lady who had a patch of skin cancer on her face. When she applied a high quality, therapeutic grade essential oil of Frankincense (she had tried a cheap brand of Frankincense prior), the spot on her face cleared up and healed within 2 days.
- Carol Boczarski
65. OrthoSport and Wintergreen and PanAway essential oils
I am 66 years young, am a runner, work long wonderful days and was experiencing some joint pain. Every evening and before I run and work out I put wintergreen and OrthoSport on each joint. If I overdue (strain a muscle), I use some PanAway and the pain is gone in 5 minutes. My joints stay very limber and loose and I feel like I am 30 years old. I love the oils.
- Louise Dietzel
66. RC essential oil blend
My seat for a seven hour redeye flight was right beside a man who looked very ill and was coughing non-stop. It was going to be a very long flight! I always use RC and Thieves when I fly to keep my ears clear, prevent motion sickness, and to protect myself from whatever beasties are in the recycled air of the plane.

As I applied the oils to my ears, throat and wrists, the coughing man stopped coughing. Wow! what a side effect! For two hours he didn't cough and then he began again. I re-applied RC and again he stopped. The man, the neighbors, and I all went to sleep until three hours later when he began coughing again. So naturally, I applied RC a third time. And a third time, he stopped coughing for the final two hours of the flight. I have no way of knowing how long it actually lasted that time.

We didn't have a common language for me to tell him about the oils but I certainly felt as if we all had gotten a bonus from them. Essential oils had done it again.
- Jan Meredith
67. Peppermint essential oil
During my fourth pregnancy, I had some bleeding issues at about 32 weeks. Maren the baby, was annoying the placenta and I was bleeding because of it. At the time, I really struggled with what to do to help her move away so it could heal. I finally settled on Peppermint oil!

Earlier in the pregnancy, she would engage her head in my cervix SO much that I could not walk for the sciatic pain...and I would rub peppermint LOW on my belly, and she'd move up enough for me to be comfortable. So I did it again when I needed her to move away from the placenta. Again...worked GREAT, BUT, she turned FRANK BREACH instead of just moving a bit. So, I have had a baby head in my LIVER *grin* for about five weeks, let me tell you, quite uncomfortable! *laughing*

Last night, I decided to communicate with her again that it was time to move BACK to head down, so we can get this show on the ROAD *grin* and decided once again to use peppermint oil. I put it all over the top of my belly, and went to bed. Let me clarify for you that there was NO DOUBT that she was breach. Her HEAD was in my stomach...hard as a ROCK! This morning, at my doctors' appointment, she is once again head down, engaged. ALL BECAUSE OF PEPPERMINT OIL!! What a blessing these oils are! Just wanted to share!
- Jessica Wild
68. Coriander essential oil
My mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 3 years ago. I immediately tried oils for her. First we tried dill -- no luck. Then we tried fennel -- it, too did not work. I then got some coriander for her and this has been amazing for her. She puts a drop on the inside of each ankle at bedtime and her blood sugars are always normal. She doesn't even watch her diet very closely (although the Dr. keeps saying 'You must really watch your diet -- your blood sugar is perfect!')
- Gloria Baswick
69. Clary Sage essential oil
I've always had lots of hair - at least until I went through menopause. At that time, my hair started falling out and getting much thinner. I started using Nioxin shampoo & conditioner and it stopped, but never got thicker again. One day, some of the shampoo spilled down the shower wall and took the sealer off the travertine tile. I decided I needed to do something to stop using that shampoo. I started using Clary Sage daily - a dab on my wrist and and ankles. My hair stopped falling out and started getting thicker. I stopped using Nioxin and my hair is thicker and in better condition than it's ever been. Thanks, Clary Sage!
- Marilyn Burrows
70. Wintergreen essential oil
My mom, 82 yrs old was walking very slow due to a bone spur. Her doctor told her she would need surgery to remove it. I had just lost my dad (to doctor error with a drug prescription) and I didn't want mom to go through surgery. It was a blessing when a friend told me about her bone spur problem (I hadn't told her about mom's) so I just listened to her. Well that's when she told me that she was going to see someone about some kind of oil to put on the spot where the spur was. Making a long story short I quickly got a hold of that wonderful 'someone' and got me a bottle of wintergreen. When I saw mom again I encouraged her to put 2 drops on her pain of the knees as well as the bone spur. The pain in the knees subsided in 15 minutes and I really don't think she kept up the oils much after that but the bone spur is gone! She is happy and so am I.
- Vivian Sclafani
71. Oregano and Thieves essential oils
For most of my life, each fall I had a bout with bronchitis. As I got older, the illness became more severe, sometimes causing me to be in bed for as long as 3 weeks. Through most of that time, not knowing any better, I would be treated with antibiotics, and later tried homeopathics, which - for this ailment - was not successful. After joining Young Living, I read that Oregano was very powerful for killing off streptococcus pneumoniei - the 'critter' behind pneumonia and bronchitis. From then on, at the first sign of a problem, I would fill 3 capsules a day with approximately 15 drops of Oregano, and also rubbed Oregano diluted with some V6 mixing oil on my throat and chest. If there was a sore throat coming on (often the first sign), I would take a teaspoon of honey and add a couple of drops each of Oregano and Thieves oils. It has been six years since I've had a bout of bronchitis!
- Joy Linsley
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